Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phase IV - Pinwheel Album

This is becoming quite the project LOL.
I'm still basically on phase 3, but
it's slow going.   Here are a few more photos
and I still have another full section to do
pockets and tags for before I
venture into the final "bling" phase.

Here' s the top of the blue section
where I added another pocket using
one of the big flowers, but used it
in conjunction with a blue background
instead of a stand-alone.
Used a Spellbinder's die for the tags.
Here's the first flip out of the blue section.
I've added decoration to the pocket
and two tags decorated with a punched
out area. More on the funky flower in a bit.

Here's the blue section partially done
and opened up.  There's a tag
under the flower "pocket" and
a tag in the big pocket.
Below are four chipboard flowers
that I've had for eons.
They've been embossed several
times each with a couple of different
embossing powder colors
and finished off with Magic Speckle
to give them an enameled look.
All the EPs are from Sparkle N Sprinkle.
While the EP was still hot I pressed
a stamp from Sparkle N Sprinkle's Swirls Set
into the hot EP to give it texture.
The paper flowers on top were cut out
using the Spellbinder's Rose Creations die
and topped off with Stampin' Up stick on pearls.

More to follow in a few days...

x_3bfa0be9 photo x_3bfa0be9.gif


  1. Your album looks awesome so far. Can't wait to see 'til it's all done.

  2. such pretty colors, and intricate work, Miss B! xo

  3. What a beauty! I can see that a lot of effort and time is going into this album but I love what you are doing. Great flowers!

  4. You're getting there! What patience! Love those chipboard flowers - great addition!


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