Friday, February 14, 2014

Pinwheel Album beginnings

A while ago I saw an intriguing video on
this Pinwheel Album that she created.
I've since found a second video showing
the same album, but decorated differently.
It' pretty cool!  Since it was a video only
of her completed project and not a
tutorial with dimensions and instructions,
it's taken me a while to get this in gear.
I thought I'd break it up a bit, since
it will be photo intensive.
With all the cold, rain & snow that's been
going on for the past couple of months that
I would do the project in bright summer colors!
Here's the start....
I opted to use 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock for
my "base" album pages - which when folded
up makes them 6 x 6.
So - I decided to make my album cover
(chipboard) 7 x 7 and the spine 7 x 1 1/2

On the right side, I needed "spines" to attach
the other three pages - so made them in
graduated sizes 1/4"  -  3/4"  -  1"

Here's the right side with the 3 album sections added.

Here they are with two levels unfolded

This has one level unfolded.

This shows the entire right side "packet" prior to
attaching it to the album.  This is the bottom.

Here's the album with the inside cover
decorated and both the right and
left side album sections attached.
I attached a ribbon that matched around
the entire front and back of the spine.

Here's the outside of the album and you
can see the "spine" of the bottom section.

When all the album sections are unfolded
they resemble a pinwheel shape.

The top folds down first (blue),
then the side panel folds in (pink)
and lastly the bottom (yellow) section.

Another view with the bottom partially closed.

More of the section partially closed

This one has the orange, blue and pink sections closed

Here's a close-up of the pretty, funky ribbon that
I used on the spine, both inside and outside.
There's possibly going to be a "flower" for the
outside made from the same ribbon....

This shows the album opened with the sections all closed.
More as I get going  :)
Hope you've enjoyed the journey so far.


I love hearing your comments - thank you!

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