Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pinwheel Album Part III

Well, I thought Part III would be the end
LOL, but it's taking me longer than I expected.
I'm slowly getting some of the pockets filled
with tags and adding more embellies, but
have a long way to go.
This may turn out to have several more parts!
Here's a peek at where I'm at now.
Started with the left (orange) side and added a little
more to the pocket along with a tag.

First flip shows two tags under the floral "pocket"
and a mat for the other panel.

Here's the fully opened section.
Two parts just have mats.
One has a double pocket and a couple of tags.
The third has a pocket and a tag with a pocket on the tag.

Here's the first flip of the yellow section.

The fully opened yellow section has
a deep pocket with a tag, another floral
pocket with tags, and I added another scalloped pocket
with a scalloped tag.
I'm not done with the orange section yet,
but moved on to the next.
It's a step by step deal, I guess.
Basic album, basic set up,
basic, tags, etc.
Then when that's done -
on to the heavy bling LOL...
Hope you're enjoying my little journey.

x_3c440da1 photo x_3c440da1.gif


  1. Wow Brenda - it's coming along! What patience you have. Loving what you've done so far, looking forward to seeing the completed project.


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