Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pinwheel Album - Part II

Another photo-intensive post, but here's
phase II of the pinwheel album.
I've pretty much got all the pages
with the "basic" decorations
and pockets.  Since I made each
section a different color, it should
be easier to see the folds, etc.
My DP was Prima's
The Sasha Paper Collection stack.
Here's the album when it's first opened up.
The left side holds one section (orange)
The right side holds three sections (yellow, pink & blue)

Here's the left side with the first opening
(flipped down)
The pink flower was layered onto CS
and fussy cut - it's attached on one side
and the bottom to use as a pocket.

Here's the left section with the second opening
(flipped over to the left)

Here's the right side.
The yellow section opens first
(flipping down)

The next opening for the yellow section
is another flip downward.

The last opening for the yellow section
(flipped to the right)
The top right section has another flower
adhered to CS and used as a pocket.

Next up is the pink section
(flipped to the right)

The next opening for the pink section
is another flip to the right
Another pink flower pocket on the center panel.

The last opening for the pink section
(flipped upward)

The blue section's first opening
(flipped upward)

Blue opening number two is
another flip upward.

The last opening for the blue section
(flipped to the left)
The green and pink flower was
also used as a pocket.

Here's a photo of the entire album opened
up - you can see where pinwheel comes from.

Here's a closer view
the inside "base"
is also decorated and
has a pocket.

Here's a close-up of the layers
in their closed positions.

Here's what the album looks like
standing up with the sections closed.

Here's the front of the album.....
Phase III will be more
decorating of the individual pages
and the addition of tags, etc.
Stay tuned :)
Hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. That's amazing! I was wondering what this had to do with a pinwheel!! It's like the never-ending card - well almost! Such a clever idea, it's going to hold lots of memories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. gosh, Brenda, your finished masterpiece is truly a masterpiece! love those vibrant colors and the complex folds! Fab! hugs, de


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