Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Red Hat Lady Post-it Note Holder

I had so much fun making the first
post-it note holder and box set,
that I did another.  This time
I used an old Stampin' Up set
and did it like the Red Hat Ladies.
The boa is done with Sparkle N Soft
from Sparkle N Sprinkle.

Thanks for checking in :)



  1. So, so cute Brenda. What a great little gift. Love the image too - so fun!

  2. I love your Red Hat Lady and the super cute note holder. Great gift idea!

  3. These are darling, Miss B! Love those ladies (I remember that set), and it looks like lots of fun, too. Will these be for a craft fair? Great coloring! xo

  4. These are as cute as can be. Love the Sparkle N Soft for the boas.


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