Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arriving in NYC - LaGuardia

Taking a quick break from all my postings - whew!!!   
Went to NYC (Brooklyn) last month to see the kids and grandkids and flew over
New York in a different way than we usually come in.  Got some fabulous photos
of the city and also of Flushing Meadow park with the old World's Fairgrounds -
 theTennis Stadium and Citi Field.  
Some great shots of LaGuardia too.   
Hope you enjoy them :)

 Nice view of the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry Boats and New Jersey.

Lower Manhattan, Roosevelt Island & the Brooklyn Terminal.

 Great view of lower Manhattan (Battery Park) - Roosevelt Island - New Jersey 
on the top part and Brooklyn on the bottom part.

The new World Trade Center

 Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Side - 
Nice shot of Dumbo (home of Fishbucket International -  
my son-in-law's web design company)

 Great view of LaGuardia just before landing.
You can see why it flooded during Sandy!  

 Citi Field and the Tennis Stadium

A great overview of Citi Field, the Tennis Stadium and some of
the old buildings in Flushing Meadow Park from the
World's Fair 1964-65

Hope you enjoyed the view.


  1. These are amazing photos, especially since I've never been there. Did you take all of these out of the plane window?

    1. Hi Anne - yes I took them out of a plane window. I worked at LaGuardia for almost 15 years - most of the fights in and out don't go that way exactly. It was a perfect opportunity for the photos!
      It's a fabulous city - if you ever get the chance - definitely take it and go.

  2. Wow.... As many people as I know that go to NY I have never seen photos. These are really amazing and make me want to visit. I am so sacred to go to NY because I love cities but that is a large city.... and so expensive. It looks so fun and all those big buildings lovely!

    1. Shanna - it IS an expensive city, but there are many, many many free things to do there. AND - reasonable places to eat - It's big, but not big LOL... you can take the subways and walk the neighborhood areas too.

  3. Great photos Brenda. It would be interesting to see the then and now pictures side by side - after Sandy.

  4. Love the photos, brings back memories as we used to hop the train frequently and spend the day in NYC. I can feel the ferry roll in the harbor and smell the city. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  5. Great photos. Wow what a big city.

  6. These are such great pics Brenda!
    So fun to go on a virtual trip with you (only trip I'll be taking anytime soon anyway lol!)
    Thanks so much for sharing these with us all - really enjoyed them!


I love hearing your comments - thank you!

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