Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sam's first year continues

Hope you've enjoyed the first two installments :)
Here are more pages.
In the interest of disclosure,
Charlie's album was 70 pages
so this will be ongoing for a while LOL.
Sam didn't get to meet Aunt Rachel & Uncle Dave
for a few months...

Anthony & Joel visiting at the hospital

Sam's favorite "stuffie" Elmo

What boy doesn't like Thomas the Train.
The house is filled with trains and tracks.

Meeting cousin, Eliza.  Eliza has a sister, Naomi, but
she didn't arrive until after Sam was one so isn't
included in this book.....

Cousins, William & Abigail...
Now back to the rubber room for more pages :)


  1. You know the perfect papers to accompany each page you do it seems. I admire your talents in this respect. All the pages are fantastic!

  2. How fun to have all the cousins together! I enjoy my "cousins-together-as-babies" photo!
    Great pages, B!

  3. So creative Brenda. Love all the special details you incorporate into each page. What a treasure it will be when finished.


I love hearing your comments - thank you!

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