Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bath Time for Sam

Slowly getting the pages done...
Here are the bath time pages.
Mostly just Sam, but one
with Charlie too...

In person, this one's a little shimmery as
I used some SU Shimmer Spray on the bubbles.
For the next two pages, since they
were similar in "theme" to pages
from Charlie's album, I decided to show
Charlie's page and then Sam's similar theme.
Unfortunately, the photography for
Charlie's book wasn't good -  I decided
I should photo them all at the end
and just did a quick down and dirty
to have them on file and didn't bother
to take them out of the album :(
Here's Charlie's "spit" page.
And here's the comparable page for Sam
Here's Charlie's
"I'll consider your request" page
Here's Sam's
It was fun to make the "same" page for each
of them, but yet also fun to see how my
style and different trends have evolved...
Hope you enjoyed them


  1. Isn't it fun to see how we grow - let alone the babies!! What a fun project Brenda - really love the bubbles page!

  2. Adorable! I remember those bath times like it was yesterday. How fun to create the "same" page for both of your little guys.

  3. Hi, Brenda! I am trying to play catch up on my comments. I must say that your SB projects have turned out beautifully - full of life, happiness and fun! I like the comparison of the side-by-sides, too. LOVE that you have a dedicated SPIT page! Too funny! hugs, de


I love hearing your comments - thank you!

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