Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lower East Side Walking Food Tour

Spent a few days in NYC (Brooklyn) over
Memorial Day for Charlie's 4th birthday.
Doesn't seem possible that he's already FOUR!
One of our days we went into the city
and took a fabulous walking tour
of the lower east side. 
The other 6 people on our tour
didn't show, so we had our
own personalized tour with Dante.
We started out at Yonah Schimmel's
for knishes - they were delicious!
Bagels on the left - Knishes on the right

inside Yonah Schimmel's

Dumb waiter filled with knishes

another view of the dumb waiter

Half our knish....
Next on the tour was Russ & Daughter's
for raspberry rugelach
another yummy treat.
Then on to Katz's Deli for
melt in your mouth pastrami.


I'm not a rye bread fan normally, but
their rye bread is scrumptious and
the pastrami is melt in your mouth.
Next we walked thru the old
tenement area.  There's a tenement museum
that we'll go back and visit on another trip.

Made a quick stop at a bulk candy store
where all kinds of candy from our
childhood memories abound!
We were the proverbial
kids in the candy store LOL.
On to Prosperity Dumplings and
yes, there was a line!
Fabulous pork dumplings
were our next tasty treat.

Off to see the Pickle Guy for
a sample of the three different
types of dill pickle......
All sorts of pickled items in the barrels.

Next to last we hit Kossar's Bialis.
They are similar to bagels, but
sweeter and have finely diced
sauted onions in the center instead of  hole.

Last, but not least - Doughnut Plant.
Had a Tres Leches and a Black Out doughnut.
Took home a Crème Brulee doughseed
(smaller round doughnut) for later.....

Had a great time on the tour and would
highly recommend it!
Hope you enjoyed - I'm sure you're probably hungry now
LOL - I know I am..


  1. Sounds like a really fun tour with lots of great food. The donut place would be my favorite :-)

  2. you are so right! now I am hungry! LOL Thanks for sharing your marvelous time! YUMMMMMMMMMMMY! xo


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