Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Peek at our Panama Canal Cruise

I totally forgot to post a couple
of photos from our fabulous
Panama Canal cruise!!!
For those who may be interested,
it was a fabulous cruise and I'd
recommend it highly.
We did the "in and out" version
and had planned on a shore excursion
on a smaller boat to take us thru to the
other side and get a different
perspective on going thru the canal,
but due to a mechanical problem with a ship
the day before, our tour boat's time slot
was bumped back and they had to cancel the tour.
Needless to say, we were totally bummed,
BUT - we did get thru the canal on one side
and it's amazing!!!!!
We began our cruise in Ft. Lauderdale and
our first stop was Jamaica.  Have to say
I didn't care for Jamaica years ago
when I went and this trip didn't change my opinion.
We stopped in Ocho Rios and climbed
Dunn's River Falls which was very cool,
but there are too many other beautiful
islands that I prefer to visit.
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Some of the beautiful flowers.

Dennis & I on the aerial tram

View of the Norwegian Epic and
our ship, Coral Princess from the
aerial tram

View of Ocho from the ship.

View from our balcony as we left Jamaica.
Limon, Costa Rica

More beautiful flowers.

Cruising on the Tortuogera Canals.
Saw some howler monkeys and a few
other sights, but unable to get good photos.

They unofficially call these Jesus Lizards
 because they walk on water - a beautiful
big one and a baby.
Our "official" welcome to Costa Rica photo.
Panama Canal
View from our balcony entering the first set of locks.

These guys have wires attached to the ship to make
sure that it goes thru straight.  They're on both
sides of the ship.

The locks opposite us filling up with water.

You can see how very little room there is.
This was the container ship in the
other locks beside us.

It's quite the little drop from one lock to the other.

View from the front of the ship on deck 10.



Another view of the difference in the levels.

Colon, Panama
not much there - a few shops

Dinner at the Bayou Grill sailing from the Panama Canal

Cartagena, Colombia
I have to say we were pleasantly surprised.
We expected armed guards, etc. as that was
what friends have had in the past.  None of that
and we felt totally safe.  The city old and
new was beautiful and we really had
an enjoyable time and a fabulous tour guide.
This is the "new" city and is called the white city.

Statue welcoming ships into the harbor.

This and the few below are  from
Castillo de San Felipe de Baraja

The next two are
Las Bovedas - used to be
the prison, but now shops.

The next few are walking thru
the old walled city.  Reminiscent of
New Orleans, but with a lot more color.
Gorgeous flowers everywhere.

The Cathedral

Next few are from
Santuario de San Pedro Claver

We also stopped in the Palacio de la Inquisicion
with all it's torture implements.
I'll spare you those pictures - needless to
say they were quite inventive.

Selfie :)

A view of the outside of the walled city.

The sun was setting as we left beautiful Cartegena
On to Aruba
View of the Coral Princess from in town


Me again

Downtown Aruba

My French "tini" at the
On the Bayou show.  Yummy!

Couldn't resist a close-up - so Mardi Gras!
Leaving Aruba

Formal night at Sabatini's

Caribbean sunset

Farewell to another fabulous cruise.

Hope you enjoyed our cruise.
Sorry the post was so lengthy
but it was an 11 day cruise :)
Until next time!
Safe travels.


  1. Well, I'm not sorry the post was lengthy, Brenda! I LOVED every photo - and you look SO VERY HAPPY! Great photography all the way, and such great sharing about your thoughts and ponderings along the way. Eleven days - how much fun that must have been. Thank you for sharing all the pretty plants, scenery, good times, and the historical aspects. hugs,

  2. I agree with Donna - so glad you shared all these photos. Great photography and I loved seeing every one of them. My next door neighbors are on a Panama Canal cruise right now and they promised to share photos too :-)

  3. Wonderful photos and I can see you had a wonderful time too on your cruise. I always wanted to take one but never got the hubby interested. But it sure looks like a fun thing to do.

  4. looks like you had another great trip! I'd like to do that cruise one day:)

  5. Brenda, what a wonderful cruise that must have been. Great pics and going thru the locks was interesting I'm sure. I have gone thru locks on the Ohio river and its the same concept and its pretty cool. Thanks for sharing your great adventure.


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