Friday, July 27, 2012

Upcoming Blog Hop & Other Things

I had all good intentions this month, but once again have barely been in my craft room! Got to get in there this weekend as Sparkle N Sprinkle is having another blog hop. This one is called Our Furry Friends and as we have two Bichons, perhaps my theme will be dog related - BUT - who knows what idea will hit me when the time comes.
As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  Join the SNS Design Team on Aug 2-3 and see what fabulous creations they've come up with.

On another note, I was in Puyallup, Washington at the Fairgrounds last weekend working the Sparkle N Sprinkle booth at Scrapbook Expo.   My hubby, Dennis and my friend, Ann helped out in the booth and we had a blast visiting with all the Washington crafters.
While we were there, we tied in the trip with a visit to my brother, Randy & my sister-in-law Jan's and their menagerie (3 llamas & 3 labs/lab mixes).  Had a great visit - got to see Rainier only flying in and the first day - it was covered by clouds the rest of the time - UNTIL the day we left LOL.

Here we are getting ready for the show!

Ann decided to try her hand at demoing and did a fabulous job!

 The ever elusive Mt. Rainier.  It's actually quite near where my brother lives.

Here are Coco and Susie

And here's Burns


(yes - they're just missing Rocky & Bullwinkle for those that remember)

And here's Wiley

We finished off our trip with a pre-planned Mariners/Yankees game and found out on the day of the game that the Mariners had traded Ichiro to the Yankees and it was his first day in his Yankee uni.  The Yankees won - which was icing on the cake for us - being Yankee fans :)

 All-in-all it was a lovely visit, but it's always nice to be back home.
Stay tuned for the blog hop and I promise to try and do much better on the day to day posts :)



  1. Thanks for sharing - love all the pics!

  2. Fantastic photos and I just love that SNS apron you wear at the booth! Too cute :)


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