Sunday, June 29, 2014

The adventure's of Sam continue........

Here's part two of Sam's first year scrapbook.

Forgot to include the cover.

Some random baby faces for his first year.


Coming home from the hospital.
A little hard to see, but the "quilted" paper
pieced left side has the pieces edged in
silver micro-fine glitter

Meeting Nanny Santangelo

Meeting Grandpa & Grandma King

Meeting Grandpa & Nanny Smalle (us)
Stay tuned for the next bunch - hope you're enjoying Sam's journey.

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  1. These are ESPECIALLY wonderful. I like that you have included photos of "meeting" each one of the grandparents. The assorted "baby faces" is a darling page. You have been so busy, Miss B, and I'm grateful to be sharing the special moments with you. Thanks! huggers xo


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