Friday, April 18, 2014

Golf Note Pads

My friend, Ann decided to help
out her friend and volunteered us
to create something fun for
the goodie bags for a golf
tournament for the ladies golf club.
This is what we came up with.
It turned out to be a huge
project - we needed to make
110 of them!!!

They turned out rather cute and
were a big hit.   We divided our duties and
Ann made the holders.  I did the initial
coloring with my Copics and then scanned
them in and made a copy to use.
I hand glittered each one for some
extra pop using Sparkle N Sprinkle's
Orange Crush glitter put on with the Sakura Glue Pen.
We had a hard time matching the green
sticky notes with the coloring, but in the
end found just the perfect blend.
We layered the image onto black CS
and had little black gel pens attached
to the sides.
We had quite the little production line going.
A fun and easy project!
The stamp is by Art Impressions.
Hope you enjoyed.




  1. These are awesome Brenda. What a cute idea. I'm sure they were a big hit with the ladies. What do you mean by the green color on the inside? I'm intrigued - Dad's always looking for things for me to do for his golf buddies back home.

  2. Very cool! What a big project, but so awesome! The stamp is just perfect!

  3. wow! you were busy, Miss B! It's strange how occasionally the only way to "match a color" is to blend several others together. I like playing like that! Great note cards! (I'm tired, tho, just realizing there were 110 even if you were able to scan then LOL) hugs, de

  4. No doubt about them being a hit! They are awesome. But that many of the same! I would have been worn out indeed! I know they were very much appreciated though, so a big "hats off" to the both of you for working together on this project!

  5. Fabulous! I'm not the least bit surprised that they were a big hit. Love the touch of glitter you added to each one.


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