Monday, May 27, 2013

Yes - there was cake!

And ice cream too.  
It was our grandson, Charlie's 3rd birthday party in Brooklyn
on Saturday.  He does love his cake.  
Leftovers with ice cream today on his actual birthday.  
The theme this year was Cars - with
Lightning McQueen - Sally & Mater

He wears it well.

Making play-doh for the party goodie bags.


Little brother, Sam enjoying the day.

Grandpa, Nanny, Steve, Vicki, Sam & Charlie


Enjoying the leftovers today (his actual birthday)

NBA tryouts!
Here's Nanny's "cake"
A big slice of chocolate mousse cheesecake from Junior's
There's always room for that!!!  
After our lunch in the city (Manhattan).
and - YES - it's yummy :)


  1. How amazing that little Charlie is already THREE! I cannot believe it, Brenda. Love all the photos, the toys, the way you look so HAPPY! A beautiful family, B, and I am so glad you could be there for all those milestone celebrations! hugs, de

  2. Glad you shared these fun photos of your grandkids. Both are adorable.

  3. Looks like you had a super fun trip. Everyone looks so happy! Thanks for sharing with us Brenda.

  4. Looks like there was a ton of fun. I love the making play doh for goodie bags. I may have to try that one! The kiddos are so cute!

  5. What fun! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Brenda, what great pictures of your beautiful family. Looks like Charlie had a wonderful special day. Cake was adorable. My Grandkids are 13 and 15. Miss the days when cake and ice cream just made their day........TFS



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