Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember

It's been a lot of years, but  the images are still imprinted in my mind.  I lived and worked in NYC for many years and it's still one of my favorite places.  We generally are back there 3-4 times a year visiting Vicki & Steve and our two grandsons, Charlie & Sam in Brooklyn.  We visited the 911 Memorial twice this year - once in the rain and once in the sun.  It's a beautiful, peaceful tribute to those who paid the ultimate.  It's smack in the middle of all that construction, yet still manages to be "quiet".   Much, much different than when we were there 3 months after the destruction.
Here are a few photos:



  1. I was in the Navy and my hubby was in the Air Force and we were stationed in D.C. when the Pentagon hit. One of the hardest times helping survivors collect their found possessions and loved ones claiming items of those lost.. Still hits my heart in a heavy way...

    1. My husband & I both worked for American Airlines and were still working when 911 happened, but in Tampa. We both started our careers with American in New York.

  2. It's amazing how images of what happened can still hit you and make you cry. I was no where near any of this...way on the other side in San Diego working for the Dept. of Defense at the time in aviation. One day I want to go visit the memorial.

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories and beautiful pictures Brenda. It must be an amazing (not sure if that's the right word) place to see in person. I think you know what I mean.
    I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when it happened and will never forget. We aren't too far from where the plane went down in PA. So there was lots of extra coverage by all the local news agencies. Plus, at the time, my husband and I were both working at a school very close to a nuclear power plant - during this all, there was a lot of fear that there would be an attack on the nuclear plant. So it was all very real and will always stay very fresh in my mind.
    My thoughts and prayers always go out to those who lost or have suffered.


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