Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sam's Album is DONE :)

Well - the day has arrived....
I finished Sam's album yesterday.
It turned out to be 84 pages.....  quite the "little" project LOL
Here are the final pages....
As you can see by these two pages - Sam's a
very happy little boy

The letter S is a thin wooden piece that
I embossed several times and then
embedded a stamp into for texture.

All in a day's work.
Watching TV with Charlie and
learning about all the good shows.

Play time.


Formal family photos

Ta Da!!!  He's officially ONE.

Grandpa & Nanny finish up the album with our thoughts.
Now we're off to NY on Tues. for Sam's 2nd birthday...
Hope you've enjoyed the journey of his first year :)

Charlie's 3rd birthday and other brotherly stuff

Here's a glimpse of Charlie's 3rd birthday
and some naptime???
more like playtime pics.

Charlie's Birthday
A little TV time watching
the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Is it naptime???


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